the BIG breed nation family

A small business owned and operated out of long island, NY. Here at Big Breed Nation, Our family is made up of a husband, Sal, currently working as a certified master Dog Trainer and wife, Anna, who is an accredited Funeral director.  most importantly though, we are lucky enough to have 3 inseparable fur children, a female Cane Corso named "Rogue"(6/24/15), a male, long-haired, German Shepherd named "Grimm"(6/21/16), and a male, cane corso named "Ransom"(4/12/18).



"Rogue di pirates den"

Cane Corso

we got rogue when she was 5 months old. with a significant amount of training and structure put in to her life at only 7 months old, she passed the akc CGC certification and quickly became fully off-leash trained. at only 18 months rogue was performing obedience demonstrations, along-side some of the best.

  • although rogue is not currently training for any specific event, we continue to encourage her work ethic by growing her training resume, while continuing to keep up on all she already knows.



"Grimm of Shadowbox kennels"


Grimm, started his training at 5 months old, through a board and train program. he was fully off-leash trained at quite a young age. his original owners were unable to care for him after the program had ended and we jumped at the opportunity to accept this young man in to our lives.

  • currently he is training for his BH in the German, dog sport, "schutzhund". though, He seems to enjoy the personal protection aspect of the sport most.



"Ransom of Italica Cane Corso"

our newest addition, Ransom. This little stud has very big shoes to fill. coming from a champion working and show line, we plan to take Ransom as far as he can go. we expect to see Ransom at many confirmation events, as he grows in to himself. IPO is a possibility, but looking his best is top priority at this point. 



what are our Goals here at BBN?


our hope is to shed light on the well-behaved big breeds and provide help to those who are "overwhelmed" with the not so well-behaved. although we are committed to helping all breeds, we will always have a passion for stopping the negative stereotypes surrounding big breeds. while out on a walk, all too often we get looks of fear or even at times disgust. that terrified gaze is followed with,  "wow! your dogs are so well-behaved". too many breeds are labeled as "aggressive". when in reality, it is very often the owners fault for not taking the proper steps towards training or desensitizing their dog correctly. however, with proper training and handling of these animals we can stop the negativity and maybe even change people's outlook on how they see big breed dogs, no matter how "big and bad" they may look.